Digital Spot

- Supports up to 16 channels, 4 Channels monitoring in one screen
- Supports 5 Mega pixels (2592x1944) resolution
- ONVIF Compatible & Automatic connection with Focus H&S DVR/NVR
- Easy search and registration
- System status monitoring
- Supports system, camera bandwidth, network status monitoring
- HDMI, VGA video output

- Network-based remote HD Digital Spot output
Digital Spot Monitor is network-based video display system without complex connection.
Users can be provided HD video with a simple connection so that users are able to reduce the cost.

- Onvif IP Camera compatible & FOCUS DVR/NVR Automatic conection
Digital Spot Monitor is compatible with Onvif IP Camera and support automatic camera searching, also Digital Sopot Monitor is automatically connected with FOCUS H&S DVR/NVR. Thus, user doesn’t need to inconvenient connection and assignment setting. (Maximum 5 Mega Pixel IP Camera support.)

- Small Size Design
Digital Spot Monitor possesses utilization of space for its small size design [139 x 123 x 32 (mm)].
User can install Digital Spot Monitor on the wall or behind the monitor.

- Remote-control Operation
User operates Digital Spot, installed on the wall or behind the monitor, with remote-control.
(The remote control is optional)

Operating System Embedded Linux
IP Camera Input 16 ch
Display Speed 120fps
Screen Mode 4 channel / 4 screen
Video - In IP Camera (Max. 5 Megapixel,
supports 2592x1944 resolution)
Video - Out Monitor HDMI(1), VGA(1)
Resolution 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x1024, 1920x1080 (Selectable)
LAN Gigabit Ethernet (RJ45)
Network Function 1) Live Monitoring
2) Time Synchronization by NTP Server ("pool.ntp.org")
Remote Software CMS & Mobile Application (MV3000)
Management Web (IE) System Setting
System Recovery after Power Failure Auto-Reboot and Journaling File System
Advanced Functions 1) Firmware upgrade by USB & CMS over Network
2) Import & Export of Setting Value
3) Warning Alarm for System Over Temperature
4) Digital Zoom
System Operation USB Mouse / Remote Control(optional)
Power DC 12v
Operating Temperature / Humidity 5~40 ℃ / 20~90% RH
Dimension (WxDxH) 139 x 123 x 32 (mm)