- Up to 4K Resolution Record and 4K Output
- Throughput 320Mbps (64Ch), 200Mbps(36Ch)
- Up to 64Ch Simultaneous Live
- Up to 64Ch Simultaneous Playback
- 12 pieces of HDD is available (6 TB X12 = 72TB)
- Powerful and flexible VMS Software supported
- RAID support(64Ch models only)
- Dual Monitors Supported. 36Channels each
- “Witness Cam” APP available for Smartphone Recording

- Face Recognition
Up to 100 people’s face could be registered in our system. Logs are easily searched by time and date and video footage could be easily playback with the logs. You can also register faces not only in Live mode but also in Playback mode. You can connect your mobile phone to NVR and recognize the faces with the video clip from the mobile phone. Most of IP cameras in the market are compatible with our NVR with Onvif Protocols.
Requirement :The face size in the video image should be bigger than 200 pixel for recognition.
Specification : It recognize one person at one second and up to 5 people can be registered in the playback
Applications :Employee Diligence and Negligence Control,
Access Control, Customer Management at Shop. (VIP, Blacklist).

- License Plate Recognition
The video is saved with license number at storage so it’s quite easy to search with some parts of whole plate numbers. It’s one camera solution for recording and recognizing so it save the cost

- Witness – Mobile APP
Use your mobile phone as Wireless IP cameras in emergency. With our special “Mobile Witness” App on your phone, you can transmit phone camera video and save the recording data at remote NVR via Wifi or LTE network. You can assign your mobile phone camera at any vacant channel of your NVR. It save the address information with video by using GPS of mobile phone

MODEL FN-8036 FN-8064
Operating System Embedded Linux
IP Camera Channel 36 Ch 64Ch
No. of PoE None
Resolution Up to 8M (4K )
Display Speed Real time
Screen Mode 1, 4, 9, 16, 25, 36 1, 4, 9, 16, 25, 36, 49, 64
Video-In IP Camera (Up to 4K UHD)
Video-Out Monitor VGA & HDMI
Resolution 1024x768, 1280x1024, 1920x1080, 2560x1440, 2560x1600, 3840x2160(4K) (Selectable)
Recording Speed CIF ~ 1080P 1080fps 1920fps
1920P 1080fps 1920fps
2160P 1080fps 1920fps
Recording Resolution Main Stream(up to 4K) & Sub Stream
Throughput (Max. Bandwidth) 200Mbps 320Mbps
Recording Modes Continuous, Motion, Sensor, Continuous +Motion, Continuous +Sensor, Motion + Sensor
Pre & Post Alarm Recording, Emergency Recording, Quick Backup
Playback & Search Speed x1, x2, x4, x8, x16, x32, x64, x99
Ch & Resolution 1 & 4 & 9 & 16: Main Stream, More than 25channels mode : Sub Stream
Function Search by Time Bar, Calendar (Date & Time) and Event Search, Smart Search, Advanced Smart Search
Simultaneous Playback 36Ch Real time Playback 64Ch Real time Playback
Sensor in /Relay Output 16Ch / 4 Ch
P/T/Z Control RS-485, ONVIF
LAN Gigabit Ethernet (RJ45) x 2EA, Fixed IP, DHCP & DDNS, DHCP server embedded
Network Function 1) Dual-Stream (Local Recording & Network Transmission)
2) Dual-Recording(Live Display / Playback)
3) Live Monitoring, Remote Playback and File Backup (Triplex-on-Remote)
4) Time Synchronization by NTP Server ("pool.ntp.org")
5) Remote & E-Mail Notification, Remote System Reboot by IE, Remote PTZ Control
6) P2P Service (No Port forwarding required)
Remote Software CMS & MV3000(Mobile App)
Management Web (IE) Live Monitoring, Playback & System Configuration
Backup Device Local Backup by USB ODD, Network Backup by CMS, File Upload to FTP Server
System Recovery after Power Failure Auto-Reboot and Journaling File System
Advanced Functions 1) Firmware Upgrade by USB & CMS over Network
2) Import & Export of Setting Value, Water-Mark, AVI File Backup
3) Easy Setup by Startup Wizard
4) HDD SMART Info (Model, Capacity, Bad Sector, Temperature, Used Period)
5) Tool for System Performance Monitoring at a glance
6) Help Message for easy setup & Multi-Language support
7) Digital Zoom for both Live & VOD mode
8) Smart Search
POS Text-in Based (USB to Serial support, TCP/IP Network)
System Operation Front Button, IR Remote Controller, USB Mouse, Keyboard (Option)
Power DC 12V 110 ~ 240 AC
Operating Temperature and Humidity 5~40 ℃ / 20~90% RH
Dimension (WxDxH) 420 x 400 x 88 (mm) 430 x 400 x 132 (mm)
Certification CE & FCC & KCC & WEEE, RoHS